Halo reach review (real)

Now that I brought the game, all I have to say is GO. GET. THIS. GAME. And say goodbye to your girl/boyfriends, your grades, and your life, because once you start playing the only way to really stop is by bleeding of the hands and or eyes.  Halo Reach is FUN, and full of action. I really can not say much about the campaign ’cause I’m stuck on Arena (multiplayer).  The game is also good looking and unlike Avatar it does have a personalty behide it’s pretty face. Bungie really took there time with the last Halo under their name (all new Halo games after Reach with be developed by 343 industries) and they really have improved over Halo 3. Not a easy acomplishment by no means, but Bungie has done it. Reach is everything that a Halo fan could have asked. The game of couse isn’t perfect (no classes a la MW2, WTF?) but its as perfect as a game could get. It would be crime not to get Halo reach. So Go Get It and Thank Me later.

Your welcome



What are you listening too?

One of the biggest names in rap today is Aubrey Graham or better known as Drake, a fairly new rapper from Canada. Discovered by Lil Wayne and mostly known for his relatable raps and somewhat soulful singing (which he only does while he’s recoding.) He has been around for about a year but had more success in his first year then most musician do in their entire life.

Music (mostly rap/hip hop) has been in a decline for the past few years.  The quality of music, sales, and talent has been less than pleasurable.  Music has become so desperate that they turned to the internet.  Youtube, myspace and facebook played a major roll in music last year. They started to make music flashy and more catchy and less “good.”  In other words, “simple”.

One of the biggest examples is the wildly popular Lady Gaga. Her music is as simple as a pre-school rhyme and just as catchy. She is more known for what she wears then what she sings. Her music videos have nothing to do with her songs. Alejandro a song about break up with a Spanish guy and the video is about Lady Gaga building an army. This is what the music industry resulted to. Over the top to generate numbers. Now I love Lady Gaga and I believe she should be known for her music not her actions. She has been viewed over a billion times on Youtube, the most followers on Twitter, numbers do not lie and they are saying that she is not stopping anytime soon.

So what do Lady Gaga and Drake have to do with the current state of music? Nothing! They are just doing their job and paying their bills. They get up go to work then go home just like everyone else. It is not the artist that made music the way it is, it’s the fans and the listeners. If people (me included) stop caring about the artist personal life and actually listen to the music then maybe we could go back to the golden age of music where people didn’t get laughed at for buying an album.



MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!! Televised Internationally! The entire world is watching! Ok, maybe not the entire world but you get my drift, MNF is a pretty big deal. The Baltimore Ravens against The New York Jets, the potential AFC Championship match up (that’s what the media is raming into our heads, anyway). I’m not sold on either team to potentially win the Vince Lombardi trophy, it really grinds my gear when the media nominates a team that hasn’t been to a SuperBowl game in a decade (in the Jets case, far longer than that), to just magically become great and go to the Big Showdown. Really? I’m not sure Rex Ryan got the memo. Last time I checked losing in the AFC championship game does not automatically qualify you as the favorite to win the superbowl the very next year, history will tell you the complete opposite if you want to get technical. Last season LT was damn near half the player Thomas Jones was. Thomas Jones rushed for over 1,4oo yards! LT rushed for 730. Stats aside, Thomas Jones was not only important to the offense but a crucial part of the Jets organization (overkill? not really, stay tuned). Thomas Jones was a LEADER! He was very well respected in the locker room, not to mention very liked. So lets not pay the vocal leader who just so happens to be coming off of his best career year, lets pay the man with half the rush yards and double the milage, who just so happens to be one of the biggest stars in the league. Coincidence? The Jets HAVE to sell them PSL’s. What better way of doing that than to sign one of the biggest stars in the league? I have a better way! WIN! Thomas Jones gave the Jets the best shot at winning, but somethings are more important than winning, right Jeff Wilpon?

The Ravens have done nothing wrong this offseason. They seem to be on the right path. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take it to the next level, heck, they might even make it to the su….. What do you mean Ed Reed is out for 6 to 8 weeks! HA! TAKE THAT RAVENS! (I’m a Steelers die hard, after this quick celebration I promise not to let my love for SIXBURGH effect my writing. I am not biest, I picked the Falcons to beat the Steelers in week one).

I’m not going to recap the game, ESPN pays there guys a turd load of cash to do just that. I will tell you one thing though, The Ravens look stronger. Not just because they won but it felt like they had a man open on every play, too bad Ray Rice had a terrible day. It’s impossible to have a great passing game against the Jets when you’re running game is nonexistent, Revis Island is not a good place to visit.

I’m going to go ahead and dismiss the Jets from even making the post season, I have them at 9-7. I have the Ravens at 10-6, if Reed gets back in 6. 10-6 should be enough to give them a spot in the Playoffs.


Halo Reach review

Sorry I could not get the review for Halo Reach, but as the story goes I have no job just like the rest us who wanted Halo or watch Eminem and Jay-Z live in Yankee stadium. Times are tough but this isn’t a rant about the economy, it’s about what people can do without the use of “money.” It’s been so long that I forgot how it feels to work, so instead of looking for work I’m a beat the economy my own way by doing nothing at all and wait till things get better. It’s the American way. That’s why 1 out 4 people (mostly college students) blog now a days. So when I can afford Halo Reach you be to the first to read my review.


Why “print is dead?”

Because print isn’t dead, it just moved to your Mac screen. We are living in the internet age where people can see what friends are doing, look up sports stats, and pretty much anything else on their fingertips. This is where “print is dead” comes to play. A newspaper just seems so “old” and dated so this is where we come in. We will always be updating our readers with the latest and trendiest. Why? Because it’s what we do and we love what we do, so why not? A blog site that can relate to all readers, not a site that makes the reader say “huh,” but a site that makes the reader says “ohh.” We will be your news updates, so give us a chance and we will give you the news.