Halo Reach review

Sorry I could not get the review for Halo Reach, but as the story goes I have no job just like the rest us who wanted Halo or watch Eminem and Jay-Z live in Yankee stadium. Times are tough but this isn’t a rant about the economy, it’s about what people can do without the use of “money.” It’s been so long that I forgot how it feels to work, so instead of looking for work I’m a beat the economy my own way by doing nothing at all and wait till things get better. It’s the American way. That’s why 1 out 4 people (mostly college students) blog now a days. So when I can afford Halo Reach you be to the first to read my review.



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FACT: Pete Rose is the all time leader in hits and he's not in the Baseball HOF. Contrary to popular belief, Barack Obama does not care about black people.

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