Why “print is dead?”

Because print isn’t dead, it just moved to your Mac screen. We are living in the internet age where people can see what friends are doing, look up sports stats, and pretty much anything else on their fingertips. This is where “print is dead” comes to play. A newspaper just seems so “old” and dated so this is where we come in. We will always be updating our readers with the latest and trendiest. Why? Because it’s what we do and we love what we do, so why not? A blog site that can relate to all readers, not a site that makes the reader say “huh,” but a site that makes the reader says “ohh.” We will be your news updates, so give us a chance and we will give you the news.


About Print is Dead
FACT: Pete Rose is the all time leader in hits and he's not in the Baseball HOF. Contrary to popular belief, Barack Obama does not care about black people.

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