Halo reach review (real)

Now that I brought the game, all I have to say is GO. GET. THIS. GAME. And say goodbye to your girl/boyfriends, your grades, and your life, because once you start playing the only way to really stop is by bleeding of the hands and or eyes.  Halo Reach is FUN, and full of action. I really can not say much about the campaign ’cause I’m stuck on Arena (multiplayer).  The game is also good looking and unlike Avatar it does have a personalty behide it’s pretty face. Bungie really took there time with the last Halo under their name (all new Halo games after Reach with be developed by 343 industries) and they really have improved over Halo 3. Not a easy acomplishment by no means, but Bungie has done it. Reach is everything that a Halo fan could have asked. The game of couse isn’t perfect (no classes a la MW2, WTF?) but its as perfect as a game could get. It would be crime not to get Halo reach. So Go Get It and Thank Me later.

Your welcome



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