After a very long wait (almost a life time, am I right) and a “meh” first single, the long anticipated second single, ‘I Need a Doctor’ is finally here. The second single from the long, long delayed, Detox album. The album itself was in production for more than ten years and at one point became more myth then real. But now with this single on hand we might actually get it after all.

The video itself is great and very visual. One of the longest intros’s ever in a music video and we all seen Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. If Skylar Grey plays her cards right then she may have a long career ahead of her (and in the music biz nowadays 2 years is consider a life time.)

An epic video, for an epic song, to a very EPIC comeback, from raps, and music in general, Dr. Dre.


Update, heres the video

Have fun


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