Recovery review

Eminem, one of hip-hops most respected and well know artist in the world. A genius when it comes to music who so happens to be the highest selling rapper of the past decade and a living legend. What can I say about Eminem that hadn’t been said before? In early 2000’s Eminem was on top of the world releasing 2 back to back classics (The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show) and going multi-platinum in less than a week for both albums. It was a good time to be Eminem, or at least that’s what it seemed in front of the camera. Like most Hollywood success stories the fantasy was about to end and the reality was about to set in. A dark cloud was hanging over Eminem like a bad weather forecast.
During the height of his career, everything was looking great for Eminem, but his life took a turn for the worse. Eminem somehow managed be involved in a much publicized feud with The Source magazine, a second divorce with his wife Kim, and the death of his best and closest DeShaun Dupree “Proof” Holton. All this proved to be a lot more than he can handle which led to rumors of him retiring and a drug addiction to sleeping pills. After a 5 year hiatus he finally came back with Relapse. Relapse was Eminem’s “comeback” album, but it was more a lackluster then a triumph comeback. The album was full weird accents and nasty lyrics. A lot was going against Eminem and his comeback was less then memorable. It was looking grim for him until his next single came out, “Not Afraid.” In June of 2010 Recovery came out and it blew everyone exceptions (including mine.)
Recovery is a tight album from beginning to end. A solid album that focuses more on his life then his trademark humor and he does a great job expressing himself without sounding whiny and his first album without any skits his first without any accents since Encore. The album starts out with Eminem singing and then the beat drops and he starts rapping like he hasn’t rap in years. He sounds like he found his passion for rapping again and every track you can feel his emotion while he raps. “Going Through Changes,” Eminem is rapping about his life after his best friends murder and even if the listener never lost a loved one they can relate to the song because most people went through changes one way or another. Eminem also touches on Proof’s murder and how it affected him and he also explains why he didn’t release an album on five years. This album came out last year but I wanted to review it still because it’s still good and Eminem was nominated for album of the year for the Grammys and he may have a shot of winning.

A solid album with great beats and lyrics. A few weak tracks but not much to really hurt the album.
A great album all around **** and ½ stars