Valentine’s day is a coming….

What can I say about valentine’s day that hasn’t been said about an incurable disease. Yeah, love sucks and it hurts too, but what doesn’t kill makes you stronger. Right? Most R&B and Pop songs are about love and breakup. So why do so many of us (me included) run so far from it? Who knows? Maybe it’s the pain it brings, or maybe the heartbreak happens more times then we like to admit. Regardless Valentine’s day is around the corner so enjoy it, alone or with a loved one.



To really say that I have a favorite Jay-Z or Eminem song would be lying to myself, but if there’s a song that I can say really caught me off guard it would be “Space Bound,” a song about the hopelessness of finding love. I was just going through a very tough break up and I started listening to this and before I knew it I was crying in the bus in front of strangers. I knew what Eminem felt when it came to love and it was the first song I ever heard that really made me cry.