My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy review

This year for music was pretty much the same as last year’s boring, lack of excitement, and slowly declining. What a year to be a music fan, huh? Even with lackluster year there were some surprises. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West’s 5th album, is a breath of fresh air for both rap and music in general. Rap music in general is a dying breed; some even say the next disco, so to hear a rap album done so well is amazing. From beginning to end, every single track has something to offer to the listeners. Even the intro with Nicki Minaj, a 5 sec skit, is great. To be honest, this is Kanye West weakest album and that says a lot because this is a solid album. I felt that they were too many feature rappers that ruined the tracks. A good example “the devil in a blue dress” a great song, but Rick Ross just ruined the song by sharing his verse that had absolutely nothing to do with the track, “making love to the angle of death,” seriously? If Kanye West made one track with just himself it would’ve been a better album. A solid album, one of the years best

**** 1/2 out of 5



What are you listening too?

One of the biggest names in rap today is Aubrey Graham or better known as Drake, a fairly new rapper from Canada. Discovered by Lil Wayne and mostly known for his relatable raps and somewhat soulful singing (which he only does while he’s recoding.) He has been around for about a year but had more success in his first year then most musician do in their entire life.

Music (mostly rap/hip hop) has been in a decline for the past few years.  The quality of music, sales, and talent has been less than pleasurable.  Music has become so desperate that they turned to the internet.  Youtube, myspace and facebook played a major roll in music last year. They started to make music flashy and more catchy and less “good.”  In other words, “simple”.

One of the biggest examples is the wildly popular Lady Gaga. Her music is as simple as a pre-school rhyme and just as catchy. She is more known for what she wears then what she sings. Her music videos have nothing to do with her songs. Alejandro a song about break up with a Spanish guy and the video is about Lady Gaga building an army. This is what the music industry resulted to. Over the top to generate numbers. Now I love Lady Gaga and I believe she should be known for her music not her actions. She has been viewed over a billion times on Youtube, the most followers on Twitter, numbers do not lie and they are saying that she is not stopping anytime soon.

So what do Lady Gaga and Drake have to do with the current state of music? Nothing! They are just doing their job and paying their bills. They get up go to work then go home just like everyone else. It is not the artist that made music the way it is, it’s the fans and the listeners. If people (me included) stop caring about the artist personal life and actually listen to the music then maybe we could go back to the golden age of music where people didn’t get laughed at for buying an album.